No Transmit Audio #draws #direwolf #xastir

Jack Spitznagel


I have got things configured to receive in direwolf. Xastir shows heard stations on the map using the direwolf AGW interface. DRAWS UDRC parms were fine adjusted by the bash script and fine adjustment done as described by Basil and Brian. So far, so good.

BUT Have tried repeatedly to get transmit (from direwolf) with both FT817 and IC7000 radios. Direwolf is set up (and tries) to digipeat a packet from my Kenwood D-74 handheld. All either rig does is to key up very briefly, but transmit no audio in spite of alsamixer adjustments to LO Driver Gain and PCM level. No increase/decrease helps. I have spent way too much time chasing my tail on this problem (3 days).

I have: swapped DIN cables, made sure they were seated, swapped ports on the DRAWS board, and reinstalled the image from the ground up... no success.

Was thinking to try to generate sound with fldigi, but it crashes immediately as I exit the configuration. Now I am generally suspicious of something "deep" misconfigured, or a problem with board itself. It is tempting tempted to try a clean compile of fldigi, but experiences so far, worried I will run into the same issue with it too?

Any suggestions that might help peel the onion and get DRAWS transmitting sound would be gladly received.

Jack Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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