Beta Image Available #draws #betaimage


A Beta image is available for download at
(This location may change.)

UPDATE  the latest version will be available

Unzip the file which will create draws_beta2.img
Use an SD Card of at least 8 GB and copy the img file with an image burner like Etcher or dd under Linux.
Insert into Raspberry Pi (with DRAWS HAT)
Boot up.  It will expand the file system to fill your SD card.

User: pi / nwcompass  but it will autologin and present GUI.
Run raspi-config to set timezone and enable ssh and vnc if desired.

If the GPS antenna is installed:

sudo systemctl enable gpsd
sudo systemctl start gpsd
sudo systemctl restart chrony
Explore the menu system and desktop Icons.  (The Direwolf menu item is broken.)

To start and stop direwolf use:

sudo systemctl start direwolf
sudo systemctl stop direwolf

Application support should be directed to the author of each application.  Use Raspbian support for OS questions.  General questions can be asked in this group. (Check Wiki as well)

There are many applications installed, you can see the install scripts in /home/pi/n7nix and an install log in /var/log

More information will be provided, but getting this out for those who are waiting.

A few commands:

gpsmon # Check the GPS
chronyc sources # Check the NTP clock
sensors  # Check sensors, including the input voltage if using the HAT 12 V input.

John D. Hays


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