Re: DRAWS audio crosstalk? #draws #direwolf

Brian Badger

All of that is in line with my expectation, but I haven’t figured out the “turn off the unused channel”. When I remove channel 1 it still comes up as 1200 baud by default. That’s exactly how I found the issue.

Brian N0KZ

On Dec 12, 2018, at 4:32 PM, Bryan Hoyer <> wrote:

The input is terminated with 100kohms, so if there is no radio connected there is sufficient crosstalk for DIREWOLF to decode a few packets, but it has to work really hard to do it. You will see signal levels of “0” and you may even see DIREWOLF run out of CPU.

One of our UDRC users reported that the Analog input was 10-12dB quieter than other boards he had used, which allows decode down to the noise floor.

Turn off the unused channel.

Bryan K7UDR

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