Re: DRAWS total failure Re: DRAWS audio crosstalk? #draws #direwolf

Annaliese McDermond

On Dec 13, 2018, at 2:02 PM, Brian Badger <brian@...> wrote:

Thank you for the help.  That resolved the issue.

Is there a configuration, installation, setup, or user guide document that you are referring to when you say "you forgot"?  I assure you "forgot" isn't the problem.  I can't forget something I don't know.  

I’d have to demur to John on documentation as that’s more of his area. “Forgot” is probably a poor term. The only guide I’m referring to is my brain, but that’s because I’m the person who deals with drivers and systems integration.   I could explain about the device tree and the raspberry pi, but not tapping it out at work on my phone :)

I would love to know what else I don't know, but I can't find this stuff anywhere in the wiki.  

Much of this is standard raspian stuff. There is this thing called the device tree that describes the hardware to the Linux OS kernel. That’s what you’re playing with when you modify config.txt usually.   That’s all documented by the Pi foundation. 


Brian N0KZ

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