Re: Set Up Issues #setup #fldigi #js8call

art upton <artupton@...>

Hi Tim, what program(s) are you using? I have the ft-891 and build Fldigi on the Draws. I could not get real signal into it, as the default was driven to the pins for 9600 baud APRS radios. I hard to add work around to the scripts posted in the original links to get it to work.

Follow thru this thread and see where I made changes to get my 891 working with FldigiĀ  based on John and Bryan's advice:


On Thursday, December 13, 2018, 8:05:15 PM EST, Tim Carroll <tcarroll4@...> wrote:

Been messing witm my draws hat since I got it,i cant seem to get my setting tweaked just right.Downloaded the beta image got gps working but for some reason I can not decode signals.I can change freqs with draws but must be something I donrt have set just right.I am using Yaesu FT891 and have double checked everything I know.Anyone else got any experience that might help.

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