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Jack Spitznagel

Brian, Basil, All,


@ Basil – which copy of direwolf.conf does your start up script modify? I am missing the obvious as usual…


With Beta2-

So wsjt and fldigi were a slam-dunk here, they just worked without mods (I still need to adjust the screen parameters to get wsjt on the 7 inch touch screen)… I used the audio setup that was in audio setup routine and did not try to use the original audio setup script.


This was the first time I was able to reliably get a waterfall on any program!


Basil’s solution for the activation of direwolf worked (and YACC, but Xastir was still being goofy). When running direwolf as a system process, there is not an active monitor terminal as is the case when run directly from commandline or the GUI menu. In my attempt to get it to work by playing with the .conf file, I messed up something and lost the GPS. In process of trying to fix that I lost the PTT.  Since Beta4 is available, I am just going to flash another image and start up slow again.



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Subject: [udrc] TODO list? Re: #draws #compass #dstar


I have no urgent needs for anything DRAWS related.  I know I'm an early adopter -- I get it.  But it would be really helpful if there was some kind of TODO list so I know what I should even be messing with. 

1) Direwolf, YAAC, XASTIR, gpsd, chronyd - working
2) fldigi - working, but amixer settings not documented?
3) virtual audio devices - not working?
4) dstarrepeater - not working?

Regarding #2, I didn't understand the comments about "AUDIOOUT" "DISCOUT" -- the comments don't appear to match the mixer settings.  From the schematics it looks like IN1 is the DISCOUT and IN2 is the AUDIOOUT.  I changed the amixer settings script thus to enable fldigi: 

# Set channel 0 

sset 'CM_L to Left Mixer Negative Resistor' '10 kOhm'

sset 'IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor' 'Off'

sset 'IN2_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'

# Set channel 1

sset 'CM_R to Right Mixer Negative Resistor' '10 kOhm'

sset 'IN1_R to Right Mixer Positive Resistor' 'Off'

sset 'IN2_R to Right Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'


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