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Basil Gunn

@ Basil – which copy of direwolf.conf does your start up script
modify? I am missing the obvious as usual…
Linux configuration by convention lives in /etc or /usr/local/etc
direwolf config is here: /etc/direwolf.conf

With Beta2-

So wsjt and fldigi were a slam-dunk here, they just worked without
mods (I still need to adjust the screen parameters to get wsjt on the
7 inch touch screen)… I used the audio setup that was in audio setup
routine and did not try to use the original audio setup script.
Just my preference:
I found 7 inch screens, even the superior Sunfounder 1024x600 display
are too small to be usable for most of these applications.
I use the 10 inch Sunfounder 1280x800 display.

This was the first time I was able to reliably get a waterfall on any

Basil’s solution for the activation of direwolf worked (and YACC, but
Xastir was still being goofy). When running direwolf as a system
process, there is not an active monitor terminal as is the case when
run directly from commandline or the GUI menu. In my attempt to get it
to work by playing with the .conf file, I messed up something and lost
the GPS. In process of trying to fix that I lost the PTT. Since Beta4
is available, I am just going to flash another image and start up slow
Look here for my notes on bringing up a working Xastir
Note: The gps notes are NOT for the draws board.

You can look at direwolf output this way:

tail -f /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log is now available.


Jack Spitznagel

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