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Roderick Wayne Hart Sr.

What's the logname and password for the beta os image? I downloaded it and the raspberry defaults are not accepted.

Rod Hart

On December 15, 2018, at 7:19 PM, Annaliese McDermond <> wrote:

I figured I’d post this since we seem to have some new folks on this list that might benefit.

My name is Annaliese McDermond (you can call me Anna), and I’m one of the software folks that’s involved with NW Digital Radio. I’m the one who does a lot of the low level things like grubbing around the kernel to try to make the tlv320aic3204 driver work correctly, get the device tree correct for the draws hat so that the serial port works with the GPS and taking care of the udrc-dkms package and build process. I’ve been a ham for pretty much all of my adult life since getting my license when I was 14 in high school, and I’ve been doing computing even longer. I have interests in digital communications and SDR. I was involved with the OpenHPSDR project for a long time and wrote a bit of software to drive their hardware using a Mac. I also wrote Buster which is a D-STAR reflector client for the Mac.

Unlike many hams these days, I’m not retired so I have a day job that consumes much of my time. This makes my availability to answer questions and provide fixes sometimes limited. Many times I have to prioritize my free time so that I don’t go absolutely insane.

I also wanted to point out some resources that intrepid folks can use to find answers and play with the system.

The most important is that NW Digital Radio has a GitHub account where we keep all of our code. It is at There is code for nearly everything we do there. This includes things like the Linux kernel source we use for the udrc driver, to the pi-gen setup that we use to create compass linux images. We are committed to open source and put pretty much everything we do in this repository. If you’re looking to “use the source Luke”, this is where to go. If there’s something you don’t see there for whatever reason, let us know and chances are we’ve just forgotten to push it into Github from our various development systems.

I’m generally happy to answer technical questions for people on how the system works. Please post them to one of our mailing lists so that others can get the benefit from my answers. If you e-mail me directly, you chances of a response go way down.

I’d like to thank all the early adopters. Seeing folks play with something that I and the whole NWDR team have worked so hard on for a number of years is greatly gratifying. Know that we really want to put out a product that we’re proud of, and when things don’t work as expected, we’re more disappointed than you are. Thanks for your patience while we work through documentation and software issues that have fallen out of the hardware release.

Anna McDermond, J.D.

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