APRS digipeater doing fine with compass beta-5 version

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

I downloaded last available compass beta version today and installed it (beta 5).
Just plugged DRAWS hat on RPi 3B+, connected Din6 cable into left din6 plug and YAESU FT-7900 and set APRS frequency.
Starting direwolf -t 0 allowed immediate display of APRS trafic.
After editing direwolf.conf for BEACON to advertize my location and direwolf started digipeating APRS packets.

Some remarks about CARD name and din6 identification labelling:

aplay -l displays harware plugHW: CARD=udrc, DEV=0

Same for direwolf and n7nix/deviation/measure_deviate.sh in the menu and at various places
instead of DRAWS.

measure_deviate uses by default LEFT din6 (audio channel 0) that he advertizes as connector hd15 and PTT gpio 12
Same with option measure_deviate -c hd15 
Starting measure_deviate -c din6 
activates RIGHT din6 plug  (audio channel 1) using PTT gpio 23

Using HD15 may confuse new DRAWS customers for there is no such plug.


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