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Running beta5.

I have used ./ core

In /etc/direwolf.conf, for Channel 0 PTT is set by
   PTT gpio 12

However, when invoking direwolf as in
  direwolf -c /etc
direwolf responds with
"Note: PTT not configured for channel 0. (Ignore....)"

  With the radio tuned to 144.390 digital, APRS packets are received and successfully decoded.

With n7nix/debug
  sudo ./ -p
  response says a beacon has been sent, but the radio PTT is not triggered.

I am wondering if the problem is that the DRAWS connection between gpio 12 need to be routed to the correct pin on the right DIN-6 connector, pin 5 for 1200 baud. I believe there are configurable switches on DRAWS.

Suggestions much appreciated

I must say I am enjoying working through the various configuration details as an early adopter.

gpsd is working and I have successfully installed PAT on an earlier Compass version (Sending and receiving Winlink messages via Telnet).

73, John KM7LJ

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 4:28 PM Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

The way the image is intended to be used is to follow these instructions:

From those instructions when you run:
./ core
it will setup direwolf/ax.25/systemd so that it all starts at boot time.
It also makes you change your password, sets your time zone, and changes
your hostname.

You should NOT try to start direwolf from the console or the menu system
because it is already running. If you run
pidof direwolf
you will see that direwolf has a process id which means it is running.

Then use the following instructions to verify things are working properly.

direwolf is started via systemd. The correct way to stop direwolf &
ax.25 is to use: ax25-stop in your local bin directory.

Look at these 3 scripts in ~/bin for controlling direwolf & ax.25

Do NOT use systemctl to start & stop direwolf
Do use ax25-start & ax25-stop

Please read these pages:


John D Hays - K7VE <john@...> writes:

> On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 12:49 PM David [kg5eiu] via Groups.Io <dcappello=
>> wrote:
>> Okay - I am going to try my 991 in packet mode - BTW with the Beta 5 image
>> I try and run dire wolf and I get a permission problem:
> As I noted, in another post.  The menu item does not work (it is setup by
> the direwolf install)  ... Basil has systemd scripts to start and stop
> direwolf
> See if it is running:
> sudo systemctl status direwolf
> Then
> sudo systemctl start direwolf
> or
> sudo systemctl stop direwolf
> And you can tail -f the log to see what is happening.
> The configuration file is in /etc

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