Re: ARDOP on the DRAWS

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ

Thank you for answering.  So I take it that there is not a script or GUI UI that sets all the packages up from a checkbox list and some data entry like my name, call sign and grid.
Knowing ARDOP is available it great. I am working to get a 20m Gateway up once the unit I order this morning arrives 1 Feb 2019 9or there abouts).
Ed Bloom
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> NEVER MIND!!! I overlooked ARDOP in the list.....But does not answer
> the second question.....Does the Compass load have ARDOP loadedand
> ready to use?Ed Bloom

Both arim 2.4 & latest version of ardop are installed on the image.
Not sure what you mean by "ready to use". You have to configure any of
the applications that are on the image.

I have successfully run arim with ardop on the RPi.  Also I am working
on having paclink-unix use ardop as a transport.


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