Re: Suggested pre-installed apps for the 'final' image and bugs

Basil Gunn

I just loaded beta5 and going through it, I'll make a list here of
suggested apps for the final image (or at least that people should
consider installing)

- geany: great little text editor, multiple language support
Not to sound too dogmatic but text editors are personal and I've had
this discussion a few too many times already. Put whatever editor you
want on your installation but it most likely will not be in the
nw digital radio RPi image.

current bugs I've found:
- wget produces 'certificate not trusted'
Not sure what you are talking about. There are no wget of any files in
the configuration script of the image. The whole point of making the
image is so you don't have to do that.

I'm going to manually go through the rest of my script later but so
far that looks like the biggest deal that I can see.

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