Re: ntpd not installed on beta 5 #ntp #chrony #ntpd

Basil Gunn

If not already present adding
chronyc makestep
in n7nix install core script could be usefull to perform initial
system time adjustment when GPS is not yet switched. This is my case
for I did’not put any antenna for indoor use.
Yes. Exactly what I was going to do.
Just want to make sure that is sufficient to solve Gayland's problem.

Le 19 déc. 2018 à 07:20, Basil Gunn <> a écrit :

From some google-fu:

Note that the chrony service does not change the time. The often
misconception is that the chrony service is setting the time to the one
given by the NTP server. This is incorrect – what actually happens is
that based on the answer from the NTP server, chrony just tells the
system clock to go faster or slower. For this reason, sometimes even
though the time is wrong and the NTP server is working, the time does
not get corrected immediately.

If your system time is off by a lot you can try this.
To step the system clock immediately, bypassing any adjustments in
progress by slewing, issue the following command as root:

chronyc makestep

Also check out entries in:
Look for "Check GPS"

Also send me the console output from this script.


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