Re: It was "fine", then... strange behavior #draws #setup #betaimage

Basil Gunn

In general for debugging problems:

Send output of:

Use the following instructions for to verify PTT &
transmit paths.

Using another radio listen to the tone produced by the script.

The most common problem, if the tones do not sound right, is the output is
being over driven causing it to clip.

Receive path:
Tune a radio to the APRS 1200 baud freq. 144.390 MHz
run the following in a console:

tail -f /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log

You should see received packets scrolling by.

Let us know what you find & thanks for testing the DRAWS hat.


Jack Spitznagel <> writes:

Basil, John, All,

Initially, Beta 5 seemed to work out of the box but I ran into some
DRAWS audio and keying strangeness that is baffling me after 3 tries
at installing from newly flashed microSD cards and following Basil's
latest procedure on GitHub. Hope you can provide insight. Rig is a CAT
controlled IC-7000.

Tested Direwolf with Xastir and YAAC with both RX and TX successfully, but noticed the audio was a bit hot - signal here looked normal on the SpecLab so I left it alone.

Then disabled AX.25/direwolf (script) and configured fldigi and wsjt-x. Both programs worked in receive but the TX audio to the IC-7000 was very "hot". Put fldigi in tune then to bring the ALC reading as close to zero as possible by reducing audio levels with the PCM drive control. As audio level is reduced - the ALC starts to "pump", as did the power out indication - unexpectedly, there was a increase of noise on audio and harmonic spikes got higher as level of signal was reduced. Returned levels to where they had been and meter indications returned to where they were before. Was able to have a PSK31 QSO and got no comment about the signal quality.

I re-enabled AX.25/Direwolf using the script. Now both Xastir and YAAC no longer would transmit audio. When the rig is keyed, the TX LED on the rig flashes 3-4 times quickly and there is no modulation of the FM carrier. Reboot did not change behavior. Going back to non-AX25 mode, now fldigi would key the radio, but no modulation occurred.

Re-installation of the DRAWS beta 5 from the ground up (x2) did not help - none of the programs transmit audio and symptoms are the same.

To be sure rig was OK, I hooked up an old SIgnaLink to a laptop, ran HRD and it drove and keyed the rig just fine. So I have to assume that the problem is software or DRAWS hardware related.

Where should I be looking to fix the audio? The keying?
Settings should not so brittle. Thanks in advance,

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