Re: ntpd not installed on beta 5 #ntp #chrony #ntpd

Basil Gunn

Hi Bernard,
Thanks for the feedback.

Will be releasing a beta6 image in the next day or so with more updates
including your suggestions:
Prompt for AX.25 IP addresses.
Added chronyc makestep to

Also added iptables default install with drop of on
ax.25 interfaces. This address is an SSDP (Simple Service Discovery
Protocol) udp multicast coming from google chrome to discover chromecast
servers. I am thinking this might solve the panic you are seeing in
rose_route_frame where one of the addresses is a NULL pointer.


f6bvp <> writes:

Hi Basil,

I ran your script and saw NTP synchronized: no !
Consequently I concluded that my NTP install operation followed by another chrony install introduced some issue.
Thus I apt-get removed chrony and tried to install it again.
However new install failed until I used the following parameter in order to remove ALL chrnoy related files :
*apt-get purge chrony*
before install it again with success.
Then your script showed me that NTP was synchronized.
Many thanks for your help.

Bernard, f6bvp

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