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Joseph Vilardo <jvilardo@...>


I understand now. Couldn't figure out  why the RED PIPE was in the argument ./ -P [udrc0|udrc1]


Joe K3JV

On 12/20/2018 2:01 PM, Basil Gunn wrote:
 [udr0|udr1] is a documentation convention that means choose either udr0
 or udr1 as the argument for port name. ie.
 ./ -P udr0
 ./ -P udr1

./ -h
for more information on command line arguments.

Joseph Vilardo <jvilardo@...> writes:

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question if it is not right please re-direct me

I have loaded beta5 image for the RPi/DRAWS and have been following the instructions from N7NIX ( ) I cant get the transmit test to run as directed here is what happens
fromroot@drawsjav:/home/pi/n7nix/debug#./ -P [udr0|udr1]
bash: udr1]: command not found

However I see the port 0 light on the DRAWS and my transmitter fire and can hear a long packet being transmitted on a second radio. Is the console return message ( bash:udr1] :command not found) just telling me I do not have port 1 configured for Direwolf??

Joe K3JV

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