Re: Problem getting #wsjtx & #js8call to work #js8call #wsjtx

Basil Gunn

It was mentioned to me that your ALSA inputs might be set incorrectly.
I have updated a script & added a new one that should help with that.

- display 5 ALSA controls that are of most interest.

- Set up ALSA controls that should allow the HF programs to work

You will still need to set your ALSA controls, PCM & LO Driver Gain for your
deviation depending on which radio you have.

You can get the new scripts by issuing these commands in a console.

cd n7nix
git pull


cd bin


Basil Gunn <> writes:

Hi Bob,

First thank you for testing the DRAWS RPi hat, we appreciate all the
things that people like you are trying out.

If you have a problem it would be much better for you to start a new
thread by using a subject line that describes your problem such as:

Subject: Problem getting #wsjtx & #js8call to work

Perhaps read John's suggestions for using the discussion group here:

I think your problem is that direwolf is running & you need to stop it
before you start wsjtx & js8call.

cd bin
sudo su

Please read this doc

If you still have problems I will need you to re-enable direwolf so I
can more easily get information about what might be wrong.
Please read this doc

/Basil n7nix

Bob Orrett <> writes:

I need help.

Firstly let me admit that I am a relative newbie to RPi. I have
installed the draws hat and booted up with draws image beta5. Using
the supplied cables or any other cable I have I cannot get anything to
happen with the on board 6 pin audio ports on the draws hat. I have
tried both wsjtx and js8call. I can get both of these programs to work
fine with a digital interface from the usb ports on the RPi.

My radio is a ft817.

It feels like the audio ports need to be activated somehow
but I am unable to find any mention of that in the literature. I have
connected the output to an oscilloscope and see nothing when I try to
transmit. I have tried all the available audio sound card choices in
the settings menu for these programs. I think the correct one is
plughwCARD=udrc,DEV=0. What am I missing? Help. Bob ve3obo

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