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Jack Spitznagel

Forgot to add that I have not figured out the last little piece of getting
wsjt-x to control the rig with CAT *AND* make DRAWS produce sound; there
does not seem to be a place in wsjt-x to toggle the GPIO pin to get it to do
its magic. No sound, no VOX either... If someone has a clean working set up,
thanks in advance for a useful pointer (yes, I have RTFM and dug through a
bunch of Google-fu - they know nothing about DRAWS and/or make no mention of
using GPIO to key.)


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Hi Basil,

I was able to play with settings again today after I finished putting
together the DRAWS/SweetPi console. Spoiler alert - I got back to
function... eventually.) I tried messing with the audio level settings again
- going back and forth between rigs and software. So... please get a beer
(or whatever your favorite libation is) and try to be amused with my
continuing fumbles and the eventual solution.

1. I shut down direwolf, tried your new scripts (in message #2327), and it
did nothing for the lack transmit sound levels for fldigi and wsjt-x, but
also put me back to where the direwolf levels were way too high for the
IC-7000. I reset them to:

PCM L:[-31.00dB], R:[-31.00dB]
ADC Level L:[-2.50dB], R:[0.00dB]
LO Driver Gain L:[0.00dB], R:[11.00dB]
IN1 L:[Off], R:[Off]
IN1 L:[10kOhm], R:[10kOhm]

... and direwolf now works again with good transmit audio. So in desperation
I hooked up the FT-817 to repeat the test, but of course had to switch back
to keying with GPIO because I don't have a working CAT control setup just
yet. I had been trying to key the IC-7000 with flrig/C-IV/CAT alone! With
GPIO 12 enabled, the 817 transmitted the very noisy audio! Hmmm. I went back
to the IC-7000 left it keyed by GPIO and it transmitted dirty audio.

So here is a "key" learning: *Keying with flrig C-IV/CAT alone does not
work... the card apparently does not send audio unless a GPIO port is
enabled.* <headsmack>

I don't remember seeing that anywhere in the UDRC/DRAWS discussions. The
fldigi docs were not helpful... implied keying could be done with flrig.

So now I am where I can try the deviation/level settings for fldigi/wsjt-x
again... without munging up direwolf.

2. Using fldigi, I adjust PCM levels up to:
PCM L:[-21.50dB], R:[-21.50dB]< the last increment to here
clears the audio!*
ADC Level L:[-2.50dB], R:[0.00dB]
LO Driver Gain L:[2.00dB], R:[11.00dB]
IN1 L:[Off], R:[Off]
IN1 L:[10kOhm], R:[10kOhm]
* this is a familiar #! John put it out with some of his early configs.
Had a nice QSO with KD8MDJ who heard me trying an on air test... looks like
my IMD and S/N ratio are acceptable even though the ALC reading is very
high... I could not see splatter on the pan scope.

3. Now the acid test... did these setting mess up direwolf? Re-enable
ax25/direwolf and...
NO - Problem from Wednesday solved. Put tape on the settings.

So here is the ask:
*I still want to know if there is a way to reduce audio drive so the ALC
reading on the radio drops to near 0 as recommended for digital operations
without the audio getting noisy.*

Is there a way to leave the sound where it is clean? Reducing the LO Drive
Gain or the PCM level immediately puts me back in the high noise plus signal
state. I don't understand the other ADC settings well enough (yet) to make
an educated guess if dialing in some resistance network in the audio output
is possible? Enlightenment please.

Thanks for your help and your patience.

Jack - KD4IZ

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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