Re: Compatible case, heat sink, and fans?

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When you actual do science and MEASURE something, let us know. :)

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On Dec 21, 2018, at 09:44, Robert Sears <kf7vop@...> wrote:

Meh... I am a Test Engineer and I do environmental, EMC, HALT, seismic and, all kinds of design qualification testing of electronic products. In fact we would not even be having this conversation if not for my companies products.  Anyway I have been using Raspberry Pi's since they first came out. I have a couple Raspberry Pi's that have been running in a case  24/7 for YEARS without a heatsink or fan, streaming police scanner audio to Broadcastify.

Now maybe if you were taxing the CPU hard it might throttle back due to heat, but how much CPU do you think is needed to run a few ham apps like Fldigi, Direwolf, Xastir? 

In Whatcom county we have been using the UDRC2 on Pi's since they came out and at the most you might see peaks upto %20 CPU utilization in the Raspberry Pi2. Even my Pi that is digitizing and streaming audio only runs at about %10-15 consistently. I don't know what you are doing to see "lower performance in 2 mins flat", but I would say you are doing it wrong.

Honestly like I said before if it makes you feel better by all means stick a heatsink on it. But a fan is another story, all that is going to do is pull dust and contaminants into the case and all over the Pi. The resulting build-up of dust and grime will reduce the heatsinks ability to cool and could make things worse in the long run.  

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