FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Julian OH8STN <julian@...>

Hello Operators
I've been trying for the better part of four days to get the Yaesu ft-891 and Yaesu ft-817 to work on HF digital modes, correctly with the DRAWS hat. Many of the answers to the questions operators are asking are scattered around the forums in dozens of different threads. This is beyond frustrating! I would suggest building a Wiki specifically for the DRAWS hat called "Getting started". That would solve my first problem which is documentation, and being forced to read through mostly irrelevant threads to find the jewels. 

I've already run the scripts to set the levels. I've disabled ax25 and direwolf. I changed the settings from the 9600 packet port to the data line in mentioned in John and Bryans thread. I've also read through Basils threads about troubleshooting. Most of those are direwolf ax.25relsted threads What I'm left with is a pretty horrific audio I/O problem.
On transmit: When I transmit, I never get a clean signal. When I lower the levels I get some sort of oscillation. There is no sweet spot. it's either too much or too little.
On the receipt side, even with the cables unplugged there's a 30 DB noise level emanating from the DRAWS hat. Signals are barely seen in the waterfall, and decoding is ridiculously poor.
If I plug in my signalink, my miniproSC or even the USB audio interface attached to the wolphilink, it's no problem to get clean audio, and to start decoding stations I could barely see in the waterfall. I've done this with js8 call and fldigi, which both work perfectly with a signalink and zlp miniprosc on the DRAWS image.

I could really use some troubleshooting help.

Julian oh8stn 

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