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Jack Spitznagel

Julian, Basil, All,


I found my CAT cable so was finally able to give DRAWS a try with fldigi and the FT-817. I have setting that works “OK” with the IC-7000 (yesterday’s email). I say “OK” because I can’t reduce the fldigi transmit audio to the point where the ALC is zero… without getting greatly increased noise from the DRAWS audio source:


PCM                      L:[-21.50dB],   R:[-21.50dB]
ADC Level            L:[-2.50dB],    R:[0.00dB]
LO Driver Gain   L:[2.00dB],     R:[11.00dB]
IN1 L:                     [10kOhm], R:[10kOhm]

IN2 L:                     [Off], R:[Off]


With the IC-7000, I have been able to carry on several PSK31 QSO without anyone complaining about the signal being distorted or noisy. Still, running with any level of ALC reading is not good practice with digital modes. With “minor tweakage” this set should work for the FT-817, but does not exactly…


Interestingly, the ADC setting above does not work with the FT-817. Even if I raise the ADC level in increments all the way to the MAX with alsamixer, I still can’t get any received signals to show on the waterfall. The audio output of the two rigs is not all that different! It just does not make sense.


Now, since the miniDIN6 connections cause the speaker receive audio to mute in the FT-817, I can’t hear a signal either. Deaf and blind… and sorry, I don’t want to do surgery on a cable… unless there is no alternative. I can see the transmit trace on the waterfall. Lets get the receive waterfall working first!


What is this, a DRAWS issue or a settings issue in fldigi? Again existing documents are not very helpful.


In addition, the PCM + LO Driver Gain levels above also drive the FT-817 too hard, and just as with the IC-7000, I get the same issues as I reduce the PCM or the LO Driver Gain level, the transmitted audio becomes noisy and there is a “feedback like” harmonic that starts and overpowers the tone.


If I swap back in the IC-7000 and reconf flrig and fldigi for the substitution… I get a receive waterfall and I can transmit a signal – albeit an ALC clipped one.


I have spent enough time trying to get the FT-817 working up to the level of the IC-7000 for now. Maybe Basil will have some other suggestions for us to try.


Getting closer step by step.


73 – Jack – KD4IZ



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Thanks John

I know it's the weekend before Christmas, so I don't expect any miracles.

J Spitznagel
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