Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Brian Badger

Phone spellcheck to the rescue.  It should say IN2 10kOhm not 10mOhm.  

Brian N0KZ

On Dec 22, 2018, at 9:18 PM, Brian Badger <brian@...> wrote:

This looks to me like you are disabling the audio out line.  

IN1 is the discriminator out
IN2 is the audio out

I would try with the FT817 with IN1 off and IN2 at 10mOhm.

On Dec 22, 2018, at 7:03 PM, Jack Spitznagel <kd4iz@...> wrote:

PCM                      L:[-21.50dB],   R:[-21.50dB]
ADC Level            L:[-2.50dB],    R:[0.00dB]
LO Driver Gain   L:[2.00dB],     R:[11.00dB]
IN1 L:                     [10kOhm], R:[10kOhm]

IN2 L:                     [Off], R:[Off]


With the IC-7000, I have been able to carry on several PSK31 QSO without anyone complaining about the signal being distorted or noisy. Still, running with any level of ALC reading is not good practice with digital modes. With “minor tweakage” this set should work for the FT-817, but does not exactly…


Interestingly, the ADC setting above does not work with the FT-817. Even if I raise the ADC level in increments all the way to the MAX with alsamixer, I still can’t get any received signals to show on the waterfall. The audio output of the two rigs is not all that different! It just does not make sense.

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