Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Bob Orrett <boborrett@...>

Regarding yaesu ft817. 
After much trial and error I am able to get my ft817 to work with ft8 and js8call. I disabled direwolf and .ax25 as described by Basil. I found I had to use the cable from my miniprosc interface to the left mini din 6 port and things worked with no change in audio settings.  The draws supplied  supplied cables gave feedback lines on the waterfall and muted the audio. I tried ferite beads to no avail.   I believe the muting is caused by a constant 1.02v DC on pin 6 (squelch?). I believe my miniprosc cable does not use pin6. I also have ferite chokes on the minipro cable but I dont know if that is necessary. 

The bottom line is that it works. Took 3 or 4 solid evenings and some luck to get here. I agree with Julian that a simple "getting started" doc would have been a big (huge) help. The biggest frustration  for me was that I had no real idea as to what to expect. I had issues with my first download of the beta5 image but I didnt know it. A lot of time wasted there. I arbitrarily tried a second install and things behaved very differently, correctly as it turned out. 

I am thinking that an early release without documentation was not such a good idea. Not for me anyway. I do however think that the draws hat is a good and a much needed concept and seems to work well. I suspect that the cables are an issue for a lot of users. Are they shielded?

Best of the season to all. 

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