Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Julian OH8STN <julian@...>

Hi Basil
If there is a product used with HF and VHF comms, it would be a great idea to test against FLDigi, JS(Call, WSJT-X for HF Digital modes as well. Regarding the documentation, i'm trying to get a Getting Started with DRAWS Hat video done, but it is just not moving forward.If I can get it done, the notes can be used to start a Getting Started Wiki. Regarding github, What is simple for the customer seeking information, is better than what might be best for you. I get it, but someone with a DRAWS hat they can't use might not. I know from past experience, it will be much more difficult later on to generate documentation, than doing it inline. Even if it slows down the process.

Julian oh8stn

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