Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Basil Gunn

Thanks. I distilled your alsa config to this:

PCM L:[0.00dB] R:[0.00dB]
ADC Level L:[-2.00dB] R:[-2.00dB]
LO Driver Gain L:[0.00dB] R:[0.00dB]
IN1 L:[10 kOhm] R:[Off]
IN2 L:[Off] R:[Off]


I am using the left (next to gps antenna connector),

edit: short 26 sec video of how it is connected. Only change since then was adjusting outputs in WSJTX, JS8Call.and FLDIGI, resulting in 4 psk31 and 51 FT8 qso's since beta 5.

Todd / N6XDX

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