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Jack Spitznagel



Good to hear you say this on two levels. “We Are Not Alone” and more importantly, “It Can Work”.


I am “itching” to move on to playing with DV mode (HF and V/UHF) stuff, but that will have to wait.


As you can tell from my emails, I write a lot – and would be happy to help with the “Getting Started with DRAWS” Wiki. If conditions get good enough, would also enjoy helping with a sked for your video clips.


The promise of this little beast is enough to make me think of it like I do Arduinos, RPis, and MMDVM boards, one is not enough! And of course I will need a spare one to experiment with. 8^)



Jack Spitznagel





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Subject: Re: [udrc] FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws


Hi Jack.
You described perfectly one of the FT891/ftt817 symptoms. I can reduces levels low enough to get the ALC tp zero. 
I was able to have a QSO with FLDigi today, but was told my signal was a couple of hundred hz wide. :(
Thanks for the support Jacl. I love the potential for the DRAWS, and won't give up.
Julian oh8stn

J Spitznagel
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