Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Julian OH8STN <julian@...>

Thanks Jack
Would love to have a sked with you, perhaps during winter field day!? Yeah, regarding the DRAWS, I know my post was a little harsh, but I find leaving out the diplomacy puts everybody on the same page. It also gives confidence to others to come out and say they're having a problem as well. So, based on the comments on the two videos and the blog, I had hoped on getting the "getting started" video up after xmas. Lots of operators are counting on it for the HF digital side. I'm kind of feeling like I let them down.

Let's see what the NWDR team says about a wiki. I think it's critical, and worth it, even if it delays the end result. I'm also willing to contribute to it.

Julian OH8STN

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