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Basil, I have an 817 that only get taken out of the closet to keep the
battery healthy. I bought it for my daughter, but she isn't ready to commit
to a home station.
I purchased a DRAWS to support the development and out hobby. I have no clue
as to what to do with it, but I know it takes money to develop. So there you
have my contribution. I eagerly await a turn key solution and image.
I would be willing to send you my Yaesu, if you think it would help further
this project. You just have to let me know.
This is not a trick.
Fred VE7FMN (shameless self promotion)

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I've been staring at the FT-891 & 817 Yaesu manuals and discovered the
following for those 2 radios: (Warning I do not own either of these

You need to match your Yaeseu radio configuration settings with the ALSA
settings used to config DRAWS.


If your radio is set for DATA (PSK) operation use ALSA settings IN2_L &
IN2_R. Turn OFF IN1_L & IN1_L

If your radio is set for RTTY (FSK) operation use ALSA settings IN1_L &

See pages page 62-66 of manual FT-891_Advance_Manual_ENG_1806-F.pdf
Yaesu mDin6 pin 4 is labeled SHIFT, this is Discout on other radios.
Also see page 25 of manual FT-891_OM_ENG_EH065H201_1611A-BO-2.pdf

See page 41 FT-817ND_OM_ENG_E13771011.pdf

Different connections are used for 1200 & 9600 (AFOUT & DISCOUT)

ALSA settings
Use IN1_L IN1_R for 9600 baud (DISCOUT)
Use IN2_L IN2_R for 1200 baud or less (AFOUT)

Radio settings
Use Menu #40 (PKT RATE) to select DISCOUT or AFOUT Also Menu #39 (PKT MIC)
allows adjusting drive level.


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