Re: amixer questions Re: Set Up Issues #draws #setup #fldigi

Joseph Vilardo <jvilardo@...>

I am looking for some basic guidance on getting fldigi configured for VHF and UHF. I have been successful with the DRAWS Beta 5 image and running Direwolf/YAAC and now that I know the "core image" checks out and works. I rebooted the PI/DRAWS combo and shut down Direwolf and ax25 with this command sequence: cd bin, sudo su, ./ax25-disable.
I then selected fldigi from the drop down menu on the home screen of beta 5 image. When the configuration helper for fldigi comes to selecting the sound card I am left with one option and that is to select "pulseaudio" and it responds wit no pulseaudio server. It doesn't give me an option to choose udrc 0 or 1.
What do I do from here to get an audio source selected ???
Joe K3JV

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