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I would just like to take few minutes to thank everyone for their testing and feedback on the images that we have for the DRAWS™ HAT.
We have key people at NW Digital Radio all looking at the feedback and trying to characterize how to provide quicker success for those trying various modes.  This includes Bryan, Basil, Anna, and myself.
I feel it is important to remember that we don't have every radio in the market, so our focus is on the proper settings for 'classes' of radio and applications.

We have several hundred UDRC/UDRC-II boards in the field.  The DRAWS™ sound chip and driver is the same as the UDRC/UDRC-II and we have users of those boards who have been successful with a variety of radios and applications. We are collecting feedback and will put it back out in a more organized fashion as we are able.
The beta image is put together as a starting point for operation of your DRAWS™ HAT.  It includes programs that are popular in the community and have worked with the UDRC/UDRC-II/DRAWS™ sound subsystem.  Interfacing the HAT to a given radio starts with a 'standard' DIN-6 interface as found in the packet radio world.  However, there are settings both for the HAT and the radio, as well as proper wiring that must be considered and optimized at the station level.  For example Yaesu mutes the speaker if the SQL line from the HAT is at a given level.  Also, there are two different pins to receive audio from the radio into the HAT, and depending on the radio and mode they may need to be selected, and have levels set, differently.  Also, some radios have internal settings for incoming levels from the HAT to the radio (e.g. FT-817 PKT MIC level), that must be matched to the output of the HAT.

We, at NW Digital Radio, are grateful for offers of documentation assistance, offers to loan equipment, and sharing of discoveries. We will incorporate such findings into documentation for users of the DRAWS™ system. We are hopeful that this community will be able to become a great resource for one another via our open communication and transparency in responding to support requests.
Just a few reminders:
  • All of the applications are written by people outside of NW Digital Radio and even though we include them on the beta image, as a starting point, the ultimate authority on the applications lies with the authors of those applications and their user communities.  We are here to help them optimize the programs to take full advantage of the DRAWS™ system and on occasion we have facilitated hardware and code to that end.  With your involvement and encouragement these applications will improve over time.
  • We are working on tools to make configuration and monitoring of the DRAWS™ simpler and more accessible, for example Basil's scripts, Anna's driver/hardware support, Bryan's schematics and hardware notes, and John's efforts on Wiki's and coming web based tools.  Some of us have full-time, demanding jobs in addition to the work we do at NW Digital Radio, but we try to be as responsive as we can.
Enjoy your holiday celebrations and know that we are working on DRAWS™ even as we celebrate outs.

73 from the great Pacific Northwest.

John D. Hays


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