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Next issue is with getting the radio to transmit. First off, I have used Fldigi with the TM-V71 many times on vhf uhf with success using a signalink and a sound cards with simple interfaces. I noticed right of the bat that the squelch on my radio does not stop the waterfall with the DRAWS interface...what is that about? Using the alsa mixer control no value of ADC changes the waterfall appearance, it doesn't dim or get brighter with open squelch. Squelching off the signal of the radio does not stop the water fall ??? I have never seen that before. Lastly I cant key the radio and no value of Lo Drive Gain or PCM makes any difference.

Do you have any suggestions ???

Joe K3JV

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  1. Check to make absolutely sure that Direwolf is not running after your reboot.
  2. If it is not running, you should see PortAudio as a selectable option. Check the box.
  3. Now Select udrc: - (hw:0,0) for both capture and playback.
  4. You can also check “Device supports fell duplex” (it is in mine by default and I just left it that way)


Hope that helped.



Jack Spitznagel





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I am looking for some basic guidance on getting fldigi configured for VHF and UHF. I have been successful with the DRAWS Beta 5 image and running Direwolf/YAAC and now that I know the "core image" checks out and works. I rebooted the PI/DRAWS combo and shut down Direwolf and ax25 with this command sequence: cd bin, sudo su, ./ax25-disable.
I then selected fldigi from the drop down menu on the home screen of beta 5 image. When the configuration helper for fldigi comes to selecting the sound card I am left with one option and that is to select "pulseaudio" and it responds wit no pulseaudio server. It doesn't give me an option to choose udrc 0 or 1.
What do I do from here to get an audio source selected ???
Joe K3JV

J Spitznagel
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