Re: Cant turn off direwolf and ax25 #draws #direwolf #ax25 #configuration #management

Bob Orrett <boborrett@...>

Thanks for the killall direwolf suggestion but I seem to have deeper issues. The response to that command was "direwolf: no process found"
I have downloaded the Draws beta6 image about 3 or 4 times on different sd cards and direwolf does not seem to run,  among other things. I do get the usual desktop for rspbian stretch. Everything looks great. Ft8 and jso call will not work. I have had them working before and I have made no other changes to the setup except a new image burned onto ghe sd card. I am at a loss. Must be the way I am burning it to the sd card. I am using etcher on windows 10.
Bob ve3obo

On Tue, Dec 25, 2018, 12:35 f6bvp <f6bvp@... wrote:

I noticed that killing direwolf on Compass Linux beta 1.5,  ax.25 interface udr0 and udr1 are removed freeing access to draws sound card.

sudo killall direwolf

is a quite simple command indeed.

Bernard, f6bvp

Le 24/12/2018 à 04:48, Bob Orrett a écrit :
I am a newbie to RPi and linux. 
I have the beta6 installed and running. I cannot seem to be able to stop direwolf and ax25 so that ft8 and js8call will get access to the draws sound card.
I entered

cd bin
sudo su 

The pi returns the command prompt but not anything like "ax25 has stopped".
I see the correct sound card input and output codec in the settings for these programs (ft8 and js8call) but no audio from the ft817 radio. I had this working before. What am I missing?

Bob ve3obo

On Sun, Dec 23, 2018, 18:59 Basil Gunn <basil@... wrote:

Before you update your image capture your current alsamixer settings
somewhere.  Just run ./n7nix/bin/ & make a copy of result.

Latest image has been updated to

List of changes since

313d362 - n7nix, 22 hours ago : Explicity describe port names to use with beacon command.
e3264e2 - n7nix, 22 hours ago : Document default login & password.
95d9aa3 - n7nix, 22 hours ago : Make a default hostname to handle CR only at hostname prompt.
1f2ad74 - n7nix, 25 hours ago : Set default ADC Level to zero.
aa04a73 - n7nix, 26 hours ago : Add ax.25 ip address prompt & change default addresses.
dcdd59f - n7nix, 26 hours ago : Enable log of measurements, statistics & tracking.
3c78e73 - n7nix, 26 hours ago : Fix 'completed' log file entry
57c63aa - n7nix, 2 days ago : Define MODE_9600_ENABLE
68ef2d9 - n7nix, 2 days ago : Set default LO Driver Gain to be more generic.
fb0beff - n7nix, 2 days ago : Display right & left inputs on a single line, add debug option.
1de12a3 - n7nix, 2 days ago : Add adjustment of chrony controlled clock.
d13df5d - n7nix, 2 days ago : Move to local bin & add input control display.
d816ff6 - n7nix, 2 days ago : Fix routing of AFOUT & DISCOUT for default case.
95ab064 - n7nix, 4 days ago : Add Test RPi sound section.
56d3978 - n7nix, 4 days ago : Add description on enabling onboard sound function.
134acd9 - n7nix, 4 days ago : Add display of alsa controls.
0d7715a - n7nix, 4 days ago : Update jscall to latest version.
337bdad - n7nix, 4 days ago : Add description on enabling onboard sound function.
ad0ba74 - n7nix, 4 days ago : Add comments for copying files.
cc88f97 - n7nix, 5 days ago : Add script to collect data on the chrony daemon.
4f4d1c5 - n7nix, 5 days ago : Add more notes on debugging chrony.
ad44b8f - n7nix, 5 days ago : Add links to the image files.
b36acc7 - n7nix, 5 days ago : Update program installatin table.
95fede5 - n7nix, 5 days ago : Add table of installed programs for DRAWS image.
8848971 - n7nix, 5 days ago : Fixes for iptables install.
183b3d2 - n7nix, 6 days ago : Add iptables install/config in core config.
e90b7bb - n7nix, 6 days ago : Fix variable USER not being set in BIN_DIR
deee5fe - n7nix, 6 days ago : Add description to verify direwolf is running.
4f5da24 - n7nix, 6 days ago : A DRAWS to ptt GPIO table.
77d1d10 - n7nix, 6 days ago : Include port name in beacon & message.
4b4f507 - n7nix, 6 days ago : Change connector name to left & right.
835a480 - n7nix, 6 days ago : Explicitly set left & right channel GPIO for DRAWS.
f683948 - n7nix, 6 days ago : Exit script if direwolf already running.
372d9f5 - n7nix, 7 days ago : Check for compass default password &
prompt to change.


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