Re: Cant turn off direwolf and ax25 #draws #direwolf #ax25 #configuration #management

Bob Orrett <boborrett@...>

Finally after many frustrating  days, wsjtx and js8call are working with the draws hat. It was my fault and probably a rookie mistake but I will explain in case others are making the same mistake.  It is in Basil's script. I read the script each time that I loaded a new image but I misinterpreted  how to use it. 
There is a line that says, "if you want direwolf functionality, do this". Well , I didnt want direwolf so I didn't do the script below. A mistake! When I finally decided to run that script everything worked. I was always wondering  why I was never asked for a password (nwcompass). 
But even then it took many tries before i finally noticed that between "app" and "config" there is an underscore "_" not a dash"-". I have never seen and underscore in a command before and the print is very small. I realize now that i should get my email with the raspberry pi so that i can cut and paste instead of read and type. Linux doesn't help you when you make a typing error. Just says that the command does not exist. That make me think there is something wrong with the program, not my typing. 
I am a retired teacher and one thing i learned is that giving foolproof instructions is very difficult. There are often assumptions made by the reader and the writer that can result is complete misunderstandings. Adding the reason for a given command is a big help. Don't worry about insulting the reader, give hints and examples. Explain what the response to a given command should be.
Well, i feels good to be over this hurdle, on to the next. 
Bob ve3obo.

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