right port and Wsjtx #draws #configuration

Joseph Vilardo

I want to configure wsjtx on the Pi DRAWS image to function with my TS590. I think I have two options. One is to use the usb connection and the CODEC that is part of the ts 590 and use a usb port on the Rpi/Draws combo. Second option is to use the "right hand port" on the draws and connect to the TS590 through ACC socket 2 of the 590. ACC socket 2 gives me audio out, audio in an ptt. If I use port 2 on the Draws how do I make port active so wsjt sees this as the audio codec source? I am not sure there is an option in WSJT for the PTT on the GPIO of the pi as there is for FLDIGI?  I believe there is a dtr/rts option for PTT with wsjtx
I would prefer to use option 2 but it may be more trouble than what it's worth.

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