Re: Cant turn off direwolf and ax25 #draws #direwolf #ax25 #configuration #management

Basil Gunn

I appreciate your comments. It's a like visiting another country where no
one speaks English. It's easy to get lost. We stumble around and hope that
we end up somewhere safe. 😊. I probably should not have ventured into the
first order of draws but I couldn't resist because it's exactly what I
wanted to simplify my portable station. I have it working with wsjt-x and
js8call. I am proud of that.
Great to hear you have some things working.

On the other hand, if only experts had purchased the first edition, then
the developers would get a totally skewed impression.
Clear and simple user
Please know your problems & feed back are very important to us.

guides are going to he critical to the success of this project. This is a
human endeavour, not just technology.
I am using the wiki at now and if you check it out you should
see I've made an attempt to fix problems that you previously brought up.

I really want this to work. I think it's a brilliant idea and I support
their work completely.
Please keep using the forum for suggestions & feedback.

Thanks again, Joeseph.
Bob Orrett. Ve3obo

On Thu, Dec 27, 2018, 09:04 Joseph Vilardo < wrote:


I have been had more than once with the underscore. Depending on what you
view it with, printed or on a screen, it can disappear! I found that the
disappearing act is most vulnerable on a screen, the cursor can hide it.

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