Keying FreeDV with GPIO #freedv #draws

Jack Spitznagel

John, Basil, Bryan, adopters,


I am playing with setting up FreeDV (1.1).  Anyone successfully done it with DRAWS yet? I can get it to begin to receive, then it appears to stutter to a halt. I will have to compile the latest version (1.3.1-3) as the repository is on 1.1 and both bugfixes and features are missing. Before I waste a bunch of time on this, a key question:


PTT keying with GPIO requires something like a “/dev/hidraw0|1|3” declaration in the PTT box panel ahead of entry for GPIO pin #. I will use pin 12. What is the correct “/dev/*name* to put in the entry box?


Thanks for any hint you can provide.



Jack Spitznagel






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