Re: FT891, FT817, Audio Levels, I/O Fail , and Documentation #draws #ft817 #hfmodes

Julian OH8STN <julian@...>

Thanks John.
I was starting to think no feedback was coming. The cable mod was the first thing I did when you suggested it privately by email. it solves the squelch mute problem, but it doesn't solve the level problem on receive p, or the over driving on transmit. My MiniProSC cable works fine with DRAWS. So does my WolphiLink cable.

Can you confirm you have yourself been able to set up the Yaesu ft-817, 891, or ft-450 with FLDigi, WSJTX, and or JS8Call, without the -30db noise floor from tge DRAWS audio ports, and 0 ALC? If so, can you guys please post a video of that?

I'm still trying to complete this Getting Started with the DRAWS Hat" video which is desperately needed by the community. Honestly I'm stuck, with no real feedback from the team addressing my problems with DRAWS specifically. I've got the GPS and synchronizing the time sorted, downloading and burning the SD card, initial configuration, disabling ax25 and direwolf, setting up vnc server, ... that's all good. When it comes to sorting out the audio levels with these Yaesu radios on HF Data modes, there still isn't enough information. Yes I can get it "working", but I can't get it working as well as the SignaLink or DigiMaster MiniProSC which are totally plug and play on Raspberry Pi. Add conttols to alsa mixer, one level control for output, one for input, select  hw codec then mono, left or right  in FLDigi, JS8Call or WSJTX.  Theres no -30db noise, and there is zero ALC on tx. At the moment, that can't be achieved with DRAWS.

If I'm the problem, please say it here. There's no need to be kind or polite for my sake. I want this to work , and I'm behind the team 100%. You'll see that just as soon as I can get this video published.
I'm no Linux Guru, but I'm certainly comfortable with it. If I'm having these problems I can't imagine many of my subscribers would be able to get it sorted.

Julian oh8stn 

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