Re: Setting up auto time with draws gps #ntp #chrony #gps #clock #battery

Basil Gunn

when i run the date command i get 12:08 gmt, so chrony isn't updating
and I have left this on all night (so it should have updated at some
The chrony service does NOT change the time!

The misconception is that the chrony service is setting the time to the
one given by the NTP server. This is incorrect – what actually happens
is that based on the answer from the NTP server, chrony just tells the
system clock to go faster or slower. For this reason, sometimes even
though the time is wrong and the NTP server is working, the time does
not get corrected immediately.

If your system time, as displayed by the date command, is not correct
ie. off by hours/months/years then as root run:

chronyc makestep

Also refresh my scripts

cd n7nix
git pull

and send me the output of:



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