Re: Setting up auto time with draws gps #ntp #chrony #gps #clock #battery

Art - KC7SDA

partially true, i changed the line int he chrony.conf file from:
makestep 1 3
makestep 1 -1
when you change the makestep to 1 -1 it will instantly change the system time to whatever the time source it chooses (rtc/gps/internet), it doesn't slow down or speed up the clock at that point, its the same as running 'chronyc makestep'

Also, I just plugged the gps antenna back in, and it updated the time!

So my guess is that gpsd isn't compiled correctly to update the time from the internal RTC if the antenna isn't plugged in. This can be a huge issue for some people and needs to be addressed.

Here is my main scenario as to why this needs to be addressed: you go out to field day with your setup and you forgot your gps antenna! you have no cell signal so you have no internet access to update the system time! you can't set it manually because ft8 and other time sensitive modes needs a high precision clock.... also there is the matter of logging contacts for contests/events that require accurate times.

Also, I believe when the pi turns on it does set the time from chrony's source (internet/gps/rtc), and if the rtc isn't updating when no antenna is attached then the system time won't be right during startup (which i'm sure will be the cause of headaches for some niche users).

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