Re: Setting up auto time with draws gps #ntp #chrony #gps #clock #battery

Bob Orrett <boborrett@...>

I will confess that I don't understand the finer points in this discussion . But speaking as an operator who likes to operate out in the field with no Internet,  I am surprised that the gps seems to need the antenna. This is not the best set up for portable field work. It would seem easier to use a gps usb dongle. When I read that purchasing the antenna was optional,  I assumed that that meant that the reception of satellites would be enhanced by the antenna not dependent on the antenna. I did try portable operations with the Draws Hat with no gps antenna and I did not aquire any satellites and therefore could not set the time. When I plugged in the antenna,  all worked as I expected. Do I understand this correctly? Is there a way to receive gps satellites without the antenna?

Bob Orrett,  VE3OBO 

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