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Basil Gunn

Thanks for all the information.

I have been successful in verifying the core operation of Beta 6 and
have Direwolf/YAAC running without issue on port 0. I also have FLDIGI
running on port 0 (left hand port on the draws board) without a
problem but had to deviate from the information in The directions in the verify document tell us to
remove the # from dtparm=audio=on to "Test analog audio" . I do that
by removing the # in the config.txt file for the Rpi and the test runs
and I get the results indicated. The same is true for "TEST OF HDMI
AUDIO" . By the way there is a minor error in the information the beta
6 release doesn't have a file named "silence.wav" in $
Yes I see that. I'll fix it.
For now just copy it from n7nix/xastir/silence.wav to the

Here is the question. When I complete the verify core test and
shutdown --ax25
You need to run a script in your local bin called. ax25-stop

and then start FLDIGi and try to configure the sound
card FLDIGI fails and shuts down.
Try this.
You should see the process id of direwolf the first time you run pidof
and not the second time.

cd bin
sudo su
pidof direwolf
pidof direwolf

Now run fldigi

In fldigi under the choices in the
audio selection menu there is no udrc audio choice available.
I just tried it & Fldigi enumerates:
udrc: -(hw:1,0)

without the enabled RPi sound device the udrc will enumerate like this:
udrc: -(hw:0,0)

I have a feeling you are not shutting down direwolf.
The next image will have direwolf unloaded by default.

IF I go
back to CONFIG.TXT and comment out, put the # in, for the line
dtparam=audio=on, reboot, start FLDIGI I can then select the udrc 0
port and complete the configuration of fldigi without issue and fldigi
runs just fine. Am I overlooking something in your instructions?
Or are we to comment out the dtparam=audio=on in the config.txt of the
There should be no problem enabling the BCM2835 RPi sound device.
I use it with Xastir for the sound alerts.

I am making some progress with WSTX I can receive and decode but not
transmit yet. I need to recheck the cable I made that goes from the
6pin mini din of the draws board to the 13 pin Din of my TS 590.

K3JV Joe

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