Re: possible DRAWS hardware failure.

Basil Gunn

From your description your system is either not loading the draws driver
or you have a hardware error.

Please send the output of to my personal email address.


I ran your suggested procedures and I am still where I was when I
started. When I run FLDIGI, after doing all the prerequisites for
shutting down DIREWOLF and and running ./ax25-stop , I still cannot
select a sound card from the fldigi audio setup menu. To select the the
codec from the fldigi audio set up I must have #dtparam=audio=on
commented out in the config.txt file. With dtparam=audio=on commented
out with the # symbol I can then select urdc: - (hw:0,0) , not urdc: -
(hw:0,1) for capture and urdc:-(hw:0,0) for playback. This result is
what you said enumerates with dtparm=audio=on commented out, only hw 0,0
will enumerate.

When following the new draw "getting started doc "DRAWS Raspberry PI
image" from the wiki and run "aplay-l I" do not get the same results
shown in the example of the doc.

This what I see:

|****ListofPLAYBACK HardwareDevices****card 0:ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA],device
0:bcm2835 ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA]Subdevices:7/7Subdevice#0: subdevice
#0Subdevice#1: subdevice #1Subdevice#2: subdevice #2Subdevice#3:
subdevice #3Subdevice#4: subdevice #4Subdevice#5: subdevice
#5Subdevice#6: subdevice #6card 0:ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA],device 1:bcm2835
ALSA [bcm2835 IEC958/HDMI]Subdevices:1/1Subdevice#0: subdevice #0 Your
example shows the following which I do not get: |


*|card 1:udrc [udrc],device
subdevice #0|*


I have tried re formatting the micro sd card, changing sd cards, re
burning the image, changing the RPi 3 B+ to a different RPi B+, powering
the RPi/DRAWS board from 12 volt supply. I am out of ideas and because
of the anomaly in the results from aplay -l I think the problem it is a
hardware failure of the DRAWS Board.

If you have any suggestions I am ready to try them.

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