Re: note about xastir and building from source #draws #aprs #xastir

Basil Gunn

Debian File System Hierarchy Standard

It's a debian convention that locally built binaries use:

programs installed with apt use:

The install method for Xastir on the DRAWS image can be seen in the
n7nix/xastir/ script.

- xastir is installed using apt-get
- a desktop icon is used that actually works
- xastir-sounds are installed to /usr/share/xastir-sounds


Art - KC7SDA <> writes:

so I found out about this problem quite by accident... if you run
xastir that was installed by apt from the repository and you want to
build from the source (for version 2.1.1 or later) you have to
rename/modify/delete xastir.cnf in ~/.xastir/config to point to
/usr/local/share/xastir instead of /usr/share/xastir.

Also, as of this writing the beta images come with the binary version
of xastir (version 2.0.8)

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