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Ken Koster

On Tuesday, January 1, 2019 4:25:51 PM PST Art - KC7SDA wrote:

> so I found out about this problem quite by accident... if you run xastir

> that was installed by apt from the repository and you want to build from

> the source (for version 2.1.1 or later) you have to rename/modify/delete

> xastir.cnf in ~/.xastir/config to point to /usr/local/share/xastir instead

> of /usr/share/xastir.


You could also remove the old xastir and it's config files with:

apt-get purge xastir

That will remove the config files, then build and install xastir.


Or if you want to keep the config files build xastir with:

../configure --prefix=/usr


That will place the new xastir in the same location as the repository package does.


> Also, as of this writing the beta images come with the binary version of

> xastir (version 2.0.8)






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