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Jack Spitznagel

Thank you Annaliese,

Your answers below were a big help as they always are!

Had a few minutes to play today so I went through the current settings in alsamixer by browsing through the outputs of "amixer", "amixer scontents", and "amixer controls" (essentially the same list +/- the setting values). Did not see the "DAC Right|Left Playback Powertune" control listed.

Do I surmise correctly that the PTM control is not exposed in the BETA 6 mixer driver?

If it is, where/how would I find it and under what subdevice name?

HNY and 73,

Jack Spitznagel

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Hi Basil,

Again Thanks!!!
I understand these differences. Not confusing. I have been leaving the base config alone for now, but with the info from Annaliese yesterday and yours below, is speculative experimentation fair game now 😊?

Her notes on the implementation of the TI CODEC chip brought up these questions:
1. Should we disable the port not in use if only using 1 of them?? Annaliese suggests this would eliminate possibility of crosstalk. Is there a description of how you do this in the DRAWS wiki or your github pages? I missed it.
Just change the pin you would like to disable to “Off.” For example, to turn off the discriminator input to the left DIN-6, you would set “IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor” to “Off” Likewise to change the 1200 baud/audio input off to the left DIN-6, you would set “IN2_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor” to “Off"

2. The info she sent about the PTM-P1/2/3 (DAC Left|Right Playback Powertune) settings for selecting the max output level suggests that the PTM-P1 setting should be default for the sensitive radios like the 7000. I look forward to seeing that available in Beta7. Where is it defaulting to now?
Default is PTM-P3

3. Her description of the three resistances associated with configuring input routing appear to be for the input only, I assume input from the rig?
Yes, this is audio/discriminator from the rig. Input from the DRAWS’s point of view.

Do they also impact the output to the rig? What you say below implies that... I am a little confused on this now.
No, it does not impact the output channels in any way. If you look at the analog routing diagram on the Wiki page, the resistor in question is represented by the switches between the various pins and the respective Mic PGA. They aren’t straight switches, they are either off, or they switch in a resistor of one of the three values.

For the record, I am doing everything at 1200 for the initial testing here thus focusing on IN2. IN1 - 9600/GMSK will come later once I know things work the way I want.

Assume you mean the 7000 below, not the 7100? They appear similar as far as the data port specs are concerned, I just have not played with the 7100 all that much other than using its internal sound device for HRD/DM780 ops and as a modem for Spectrum Lab.

In the DRAWS implementation here, the IC-7000 and the FT-817 will get used (max portability), both of which I have used with audio/data and GMSK/data in the past. The IC-7100 here is happy as is, mostly acts as #2 in an SO2R set up, providing 144/440 coverage and HF D-STAR. The primary HF radio can't do that.

If you have something specific you would like me to look at, or a possible solution you want to test for one of these radios (assuming not all are available to you), please ask. I have or can scrounge pretty much any needed test equipment. I also have a PDF copy of the service manual for the IC-7000 which may provide more clarity for that radio if you think it might help.

Jack Spitznagel

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