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Basil Gunn

Hi Jack,

Just want to give the results of what Corky AF4PM & I found out this
morning. We successfully set up his IC-7000 to transmit & receive using
FLdigi Olivia 8-250 mode with the following config:

== xmit

* LO Driver gain: -6.00 dB
* PCM: -16.5 dB

The above settings are the same as for the ft-817

* DAC Playback PowerTune: PTM_P1
You must use the latest udrc-dkms driver (1.0.5)
This will be in the Beta7 image
or as root:
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

== Recv

Make sure the preamp is turned off on the IC-7000
(P.AMP/ATT button to left of screen)

* IN1: 10 kOhm
We found that using the Discriminator receive signal was cleaner than

We have only tested FLdigi with this radio so far.
See 'ALSA settings for IC-7000' in this doc


A quick follow up note. The script does bring it close for
the IC-7000, working fine for 1200b TX and RX for direwolf/xastir, although
have not checked to see where the deviation wound up yet. However, with
fldigi the settings still result in overdrive and high ALC readings. The script gave the readings as you suggested it should below.
Reducing the LO Drive incrementally to -6.0dB did nothing except increase
noise on the trace. Reducing PCM slightly to -15.0dB improved ALC some, but
any additional reduction pushed it right into the symptoms of the noise
threshold/ALC interaction I spoke of in an earlier post.

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