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Brian Badger

My kids bought me an Ender 3 for Christmas.  

Looking at the inside you can see that there are four supports for both the top of the DRAWS hat and the bottom of the pi.  The two tall screw towers are the only ones useable for fastening the case shut, which is non-optimal, but it actually fits snugly with no screws at all.

If you look at the scad file you can see how the powerpole mount works — there are tiny details that engage the roll pin holes.  It is easy to install and remove but it doesn’t come loose during use.  This detail was the main purpose of the case design.   Everything else got very little attention.

Please note that the design is a remix of Thingiverse 2985738
Brian N0KZ

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Nice solution Brian! Which 3D printer are you using?

Jack – KD4IZ


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Do you a picture of the two halves whilst apart? and the inside of the top?


Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ

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Example print.


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Currently waiting in thingiverse approval queue.

The good:
SCAD provided so you can help tune the design
Added a powerpole power port
Stretched the case to protect the power connector

The bad:
Extraneous screw holes that can't be used with DRAWS
GPS antenna connector is a stubborn fit, so there is a big gap

The ugly:
SD card protector dimensions are just plain wrong. The card is inaccessible.

Brian N0KZ



J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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