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Art - KC7SDA

Ok, so I think we needed one place with all of the definitions of each setting and its reasoning behind it.

I don't understand about the xk ohm resistor settings, nor what each setting is in the mixer and what it will change (ie this slider will change the overall output-speaker volume and this one will change the input on the left channel)
Also I want to share fldigi settings on this so we can troubleshoot and get them right for both the left and right channels

Please note, I'm assuming the din next to the gps is channel 1 (or 0 in direwolfs case) and the other din is channel 2

for fldigi, sound card settings are:
port audio: udrc both record and playback
on right channel tab, both reverse in transmit and receive are checked (this is for channel 1)
for gpio i'm using BCM pin 12 (GPIO 26) with the value box checked

now, for dumping the settings, the script is in the n7nix/bin directory (wasn't in my user bin), so if you have a set of settings that work, please post them, I'm interested in the variances between setups and what people find work the best, please include your radio and if you have to change settings (just say which ones and what direction, you don't have to post another list of settings)

I'll be dumping mine after I upgrade to beta 7 and run my test script


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