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Jack Spitznagel

Just noticed I got bit by my cut/paste haste!

I used the script to initially set audio levels for that radio. All else is correct.

Jack - KD4IZ 

On Jan 7, 2019, at 23:10, Jack Spitznagel <kd4iz@...> wrote:

Hi Basil,


Beta 7 installed and the core config executed according to instructions.

Comment: It is getting really easy to run the entire setup now with experience. Hopefully someone with good coding skills (and the time to do it) can turn the process into menu panels or even GUI driven setup eventually. Understand the time restrictions there.


Ran the verifications - all were OK. The set up apps:

Listened/watched panscope using other radios. TX was into dummy load.


  1. Config for FT-817:

Used to configure for that radio and set the FT-817 menu items as suggested in the documentation:

Test Results:

- Direwolf/Xastir works OK at that level (but did not check deviation).

- Killed AX25/Xastir and ran fldigi – at the shipped FT-817 alsa settings, transmit tone was noisy/ALC too high


- To get clean tone, I had to change my ALSA settings back to:

===== ALSA Controls for Radio Tansmit ===== <

LO Driver Gain                   L:[-2.00dB]          R:[-2.00dB]

PCM                                      L:[-8.00dB]          R:[-8.00dB]

DAC Playback PT               L:[PTM_P1]        R:[PTM_P1]

LO Playback CM                [Full Chip CM]


===== ALSA Controls for Radio Receive =====

ADC Level            L:[-2.00dB]          R:[-2.00dB]

IN1                         L:[Off]                   R:[Off]

IN2                         L:[10 kOhm]       R:[10 kOhm]


- AND had to reduce the FT-817 [menu #25] DIG MIC is setting to 25 (from suggested 65) to get no ALC and clean output.


After these changes audio levels were good and was able to QSO in fldigi and wsjt-x FT8 mode.


Config for IC-7000: (I have a headache…)


-Used to configure for that radio.

- Test Result:

- Direwolf/Xastir works OK at that level but again did not check deviation.

- Killed AX25/Xastir and ran both fldigi and wsjt-x FT8 mode.

**** - transmit level was noisy with no tone and no power.

**** - increasing PCM and LO Drive brought tone up out of noise – but no power still with rig set to 25% output.

- Ran the to “zero” the settings.

****- same result regardless of PTM setting or the levels of PCM and LO Drive


**** Here is where it got weird ****

Reset DRAWS to the FT-817 settings above, rebooted and accidentally left the radio on SSB when I started Direwolf/Xastir.

**** The initial packet from Xastir drove the rig to the set power level!

-Shutdown direwolf/Xastir and ran both fldigi and wsjt-x

**** - got very low output with both as before


**** Here it got even more weird ****

I ran the script in ~/n7nix/deviation and it drove the radio to set power and pegged the ALC!!!


To rule out that something is wrong with the IC-7000, I hooked it up to my laptop/SignaLink USB/using fldigi and drove the rig full power with no ALC. Nothing is wrong with the IC-7000.


SO the big question now is why will direwolf and drive the IC-7000 to set power (too much ALC) in USB when neither wsjt-x or fldigi will produce enough audio *at identical alsamixer settings*?


This is not what you and Corky reported the other day… and I am really puzzled.



Jack Spitznagel






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J Spitznagel
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