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Jack Spitznagel

Hi Tim,

To clarify one point from my rambling response to Basil, I just use the DATA port on the IC-7000 with DRAWS. What I was referring to was that the copy of the 7000 manual I have does not state the max P-P voltage that the DATA port will accept. Fot the TX Calc spreadsheet purposes, I was guessing that the info given for the AFSK pin on the ACC port (100mV) was going to be the same value for the DATA port.

I have the WMR BT Rigblaster which wasn't a problem at all to set up because it uses the microphone as its input so you can switch to headset mode. By contrast, the SignaLink which does use the DATA port is very touchy. The critical range on the TX level pot is in the first part of the range (7 to 9 o'clock) anything more than that is overdriven.

Have fun being Daddy! You only get one chance per kid. May this one figure out what "a whole night's sleep" means very quickly. I survived 1 of our 2 that did not. They are both great young adults now and you'd never know the one was a fussy baby.

Jack Spitznagel

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Hi Basil and Jack,

Let me preface by saying that I am very interested in the progress you are making as I too have an IC-7000. I wish I had time to test but we just had a newborn arrive in December keeping us very busy. You caught me by surprise saying you’re using the ACC port with FLDigi. I remember some years ago using Fldigi for HF with a West Mountain Plug&Play attached to the data port on an IC-7000. The radio was basically default settings and in SSB mode. I don’t recall anything special being necessary on the radio for settings. Just to be sure the drive (pc sound card output) wasn’t too much for the radio. This setup worked modes like JT65, PSK31, and Olivia. If I find any time, I will try to find out more details about that setup. I want to attach some details from the user manual regarding voltages for the data port and describes a way to test the input from the TNC that may be useful.

I hope I’m adding to the conversation. Please let me know if I’m not. I’d really like to see this succeed.

Tim - KU1G

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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